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About St Peter's

Cound Parish Council About St Peters

St Peter’s is a place of living faith – our church serves the parish of Cound and its surrounding area.  The church building dates back to the 13th century but there has probably been a place of worship here for centuries longer than that.

We have a regular Sunday congregation, and we have now achieved our goal of offering a welcoming open church door every day.

Our church building is a great sign of Christian presence across the area, and has been for hundreds of years, with the earliest recognisable 12th C feature being the bowl of the font in the baptistery, which is still used for christenings to this day.  Set in peaceful  countryside near a  lovely  snowdrop walk on one side, and views across to Cound Hall on the other, you enter through a wonderful 13th century oak door.  Inside there is a  six bell tower built  1500,  and intriguing remains of a doom painting above the chancel steps. The stained glass ranges  from a medieval St. John window, through  to the  19th Century  Kempe East Window, and into two  modern Millenium windows. There are  splendid wall memorials from 17th century onwards, and much more of interest to visitors.

We hope local people and visitors can feel welcome and inspired, and encouraged to pause and draw breath in their busy lives.

The Churchwarden is Ann Cooke  01952 510388