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Death is the great intruder into life, whether sudden or after a long illness. We aim to have a priest or other minister available 24/7 to respond with telephone support or a home visit when someone is near death or has died. Please contact our  Team Rector, the Rev. Matthew Stafford, who is based at The Rectory, New Road, Much Wenloock, TF13 6EQ.   Tel: (01952)727396 If nobody can come to the phone, please leave a message, and also, if the answer-phone asks you to phone a different number please do so. The priest or minister can be invited to say prayers around the time of death and give pastoral support to bereaved people. 

Quite quickly you will need to choose a Funeral Director, who will attend to, and give advice about, all the practical details, and you can leave it to him to contact the minister about the funeral. We understand that you may prefer to wait some days, to gather your thoughts and be with family and friends, before speaking with a minister about the funeral. Acting on your instructions, the Funeral Director will book the time, date, place and minister for the funeral.

The National Association of Funeral Directors has a useful section on Frequently Asked Questions, accessible on this link:

To find a choice of local funeral directors enter “Shropshire” in the County box here: